Where we are today after 16 years in Canada

The beginning

Where we are today – October 26, 2005 was the day we (Cees, Carlien and our four children) made the move from The Netherlands to Canada. After a 14 month waiting period we finally had all green lights for our immigration. At that time we thought we had gone through a long waiting period, but it turned out that we had been lucky. The immigrant-wannabees that came after us quickly ended up in waiting times of three years.

Early morning on that 26th we left our old spot in The Netherlands and drove to Dusseldorf, Germany from where our flight would depart to Calgary Airport. There we had to go through customs and immigration in order to go through the so-called “landing” procedure. All went well and eventually we drove to a hotel in Strathmore, Alberta. Our first night on Canadian soil as a family.

First number of years

Next day we arrived in Herbert, Saskatchewan. It was the plan to buy a motel in this prairie town, operate the business and grow old. Things, however, went different and after nine months we eventually bought a motel in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan. With that our plans of running the business and growing old changed locations. We stayed in Gravelbourg for six years and decided to sell the business. Cees got a job offer in Ontario, resulting in the move to Ontario that would separate us from our daughter. At that time she attended The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, so she would stay behind.

With our three boys we left for Ontario at the end of August 2012 and arrived in Woodstock, Ontario on August 31. It took us three and a half days of driving. The drive was beautiful since we saw the landscape change from prairie to rocky and forestry to parkland.

In Ontario our two oldest boys graduated high school and Mathieu joined the army while Walter found his way to college. We stayed here for five years and after that we purchased a retail business in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Another move towards new adventures took place, this time with two of our boys. Mathieu already left the house when he joined the forces. This move would lead us closer to him as he was posted at Base Gagetown and he lived five minutes walking from our new place.

Where we are today

During the past four years much has happened. We still do have the store and we do live in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Our youngest son moved back to The Netherlands, our daughter lives in Saskatoon with her husband, Mathieu is still in New Brunswick and Walter still lives with us as he attends the University of New Brunswick.

During the first years of our Canadian adventure we maintained a website and shared our daily business with the world at large. Due to several reasons we ended this. Now, several years later we thought it a nice idea to start again to keep you informed on where we are today.

I hope you will enjoy the posts about family and work as well as the random thoughts you may encounter while visiting the website. Feel free to send a message and we will try to respond as much as possible.

For now,

Kind regards and have a joyful day.

2 thoughts on “Where we are today after 16 years in Canada”

  1. Jacqueline Krosse

    Wat leuk! Ik ga jullie weer volgen!
    Wat goed, een eigen retail business.
    Wij hebben onze bloemenzaak verkocht.
    Waarom is de jongste terug naar NL, als ik vragen mag?
    Ik ga snel de rest lezen, groetjes uit Alberta

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