Victoria Park Truro

What is the ultimate holiday feeling?

Vacation is different for everybody. When it comes to the ultimate holiday feeling, are your keywords related to water and cottage or airports and resorts. Maybe it is ‘cruise’ or ‘mountains’.

Whilst road tripping in the Maritimes Cees points out his heart is beating a bit faster when he sees the  Atlantic coastline, wind and water center stage. That creates his ultimate holiday feeling.

While we do vacation well together my triggers are different.

Hot highway asphalt, passing slow semi-trailers up the mountain and waterfalls do it for me. My ultimate holiday feeling.

It is interesting how these things are defined by childhood memories.

Obviously our parents filled their vacations with different activities.

Personal goals

I learned to enjoy coastal areas and open water. To be honest I like it best from a comfortable distance. Preferably with solid ground under my feet. If it needs to be a boat – please let it be a big one where they serve coffee and apple pie. 

If it is a super hot day I will dip my toe in the water. 

Cees drives me to ‘points of interest’, ruins and waterfalls. These places involve often some walking. We do enjoy it. I read the informative plaques, he scouts for photo opportunities.

Shared interest

Over the years during our shared vacations we found our own ultimate holiday feeling. A simple pleasure that starts on a friendly note but always ends with fierce competition, triumph and restraint chagrin because of defeat. It is called: mini golf.

In the Netherlands / Western Europe  it feels like every self respecting campground has a mini golf with themed obstacles and an ice cream stand. (According to how I remember it).


We have talked more often about mini golf than we have played it since we are in Canada.

I bring it up and it is decided: we have to find a mini golf this vacation for the ultimate holiday feeling.

This ‘ultimate vacation feeling’ conversation takes place while we are on our way to Truro, Nova Scotia. The aim is Victoria Park. According to the tourist information guide it is beautifully situated, in a gorge and with two waterfalls. It does not disappoint. It has diverse trails for every energy level, boardwalks; an informative engraved stone with the history of the park and picture perfect water streams. 

Now find a mini golf

Google informs me there is one on the way home -lucky us! 

But…since the COVID-19 restrictions are  very recently relaxed we make a phone call to be sure we are welcome.

Alas…the mini golf is only for people who camp out there. 

Of course we can pay for a camping spot for one night, pay and play our match and leave.

For our Dutch minds that is just a little too much.

Today we have the  Atlantic coastline, waterfalls, pictures and the thought of mini golf.

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