Wedding bells and what to wear.

This COVID19 summer we have quite some low key, short notice summer weddings. Last year hesitant, and waiting till the traditional wedding party was allowed back to gather, now more couples decide to move forward and take the big step with less witnesses and less pomp and circumstance. Without the choosing, and dressing up, of bridesmaids, best men and the worrying about 150 Etsy worthy ‘thank you’ gifts, it evolves to a kind of enjoyable, relaxed sort of wedding style. Wedding bells and what to wear.

Different, but good!

Dressing up is part of making the occasion extra special and festive.

We happen to have a consignment store offering everything a lady needs to appear in public, from jeans and leggings to dress wear and the occasional hat. Yes, also for special occasions. We pick and choose from what is brought in while keeping in mind what our clientele is looking for. COVID19 means, surprise🙂, less business attire and more sweaters and tunics. The last 2 months we have again more ladies coming in looking for something to wear to a special occasion. Where last year EVERYTHING was cancelled now there is the occasional graduation party…and the small weddings which are on the rise this year.

This summer our oldest boy hopes to marry the love of his life. Both sides of the family live in the same province. Something to be thankful for these days! Not everybody is able to attend but there will be parents and more family on this so special day for them.

Instead of being a supplier I become a customer in my own store. I browse the racks and the many cute items that come in – not my size, not my colour, not my style… When did I become such a hard to dress person? After my patience gives out Cees and I find an outfit in a store downtown – new.

But then

A week later a couple of new dresses are brought in for consignment. One especially fancies me – beautiful classic navy, Joseph Ribkoff, a high-low hem – my size? I should try…after 50, COVID and winter I should be open for a little up-size…

So the dress patiently waits for me to be fitted.

A couple of days later a lady walks in – a wedding in August – mother of the bride. She picks and tries some dresses from the rack; none of them bring the ‘YES that’s it!’ reaction. I agree with her. Then my eye brushes over the dress on the hook waiting patiently for me – I haven’t tried it yet… “Wait! I got one more – it hangs separate because I wanted to try it myself but I have an outfit already!”

It was made for her – perfect and a definite: “YES.”

Bye, mother of the bride! I am glad we were able to help you! Enjoy this special day!

Bye, dress! – have fun at the wedding where you belong!

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