there is never a right moment for this

There is never a right moment for this

At least, that’s how it works in our family

This reality applies to all larger ticketed items a household uses on a daily base. Either we look at replacing a washing machine, refrigerator, big furniture pieces, etc. there is never a right moment for this.

In our case it was a vehicle. For five years we’ve been driving our Toyota Venza with a lot of pleasure. Really, I couldn’t be happier about its driving comfort, reliability, power, loading capacity, etc. If there is one negative thing I have to mention, it would be its overall gas consumption. Here in New Brunswick it gave us around 12.3 ltr/100 kms, and yes…. That is steep. Okay, its 245/55/R20 tires weren’t cheap either….. Apart from that it was a great car. But……

Yes, the unavoidable BUT!

The moment came that a few repairs were needed in order to pass the provincial road safety test. I was in Manitoba at that time. Estimate given was $ 2,500.00 before taxes. Brakes, rotors, wheel bearing and a few more things needed attention.  Long story short, the repairs were done and the bill was paid. In this specific case I was blessed with a great friend and accomplished mechanic helping, which reduced the bill a lot. We are talking about early 2020 here.

Fast forwarding to March 2020, I am back in New Brunswick and my Toyota and I start to enjoy regular dates with the local repair shop here in Fredericton.

Since the car shows 265000 kms on the odometer, several repair-needs start to follow up in rapid succession. Now, beginning of June 2021, we calculated a total of $8,500.00 in repairs over the past year, just to keep our much appreciated Venza safely on the road. We do like the repair guy and we definitely don’t mind to support him, however there are limits, so I slowly start to consider replacing the Toyota. With slowly I mean replacing within the next 12 months.

Mid June and another repair announces itself. Front left strut needs to be replaced. Enough is enough. I do schedule the repair but I also accelerate the car replacement activity.

With the Toyota at the repair shop

Walter and I find our way to a local dealership. Test drove a total of four vehicles and eventually I decided on a 2017 Subaru Outback with 43000 kms on the odometer. Mind you that the Venza added a few more kilometers, totaling 271000, but that doesn’t do away with the fact that there is never a right moment for this.

I had hopes to drive the Venza for one more year, but looking at all the kilometers it has under its belt, expectations are that many more dates with the repair shop were ahead of us. Now we drive the Subaru Outback and hope it will serve us for many years to come. Carlien’s little Hyundai is still marching on and we hope it will continue doing that.

For those who like to know, the purchasing process at the local dealership was one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had buying a vehicle. If you live in the neighbourhood and thinking about replacing a vehicle, send me a message and I can give you all the details on that. Even though there is never the right moment for this, we better make the experience as pleasant as possible.

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