Cape Jourimain

Our last full day

It is a fact! We’ve arrived at our last full day in Baie Verte. Seven days and nights of peace, quiet and time together are ready to be added to history. We’ve enjoyed our week away very much and are grateful we had the opportunity to spend this week with the three of us. We thank Margie, our co-worker, for her willingness to take care of the store for us.

Confederation Bridge

But, before we wrap it all up, we still have this day waiting for us to spend in this beautiful part of New Brunswick. Before we go home, I still want to take pictures of the Confederation Bridge. After we enjoyed a relaxed start up and had some lunch, we drove northeast to the Confederation Bridge.

The bridge has a length of 12.9 kilometers and connects New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Construction started in October 1993 and the bridge was opened on May 31, 1997. People can now go to P.E.I. in a short period of time, while before 1997 you either had to go by boat or by plane. Getting to P.E.I. is easy enough as you can enter the bridge without any obstruction, but when you want to leave the island, you need to pay around $50.00 CAD before you can enter the bridge. Of course, you can also take the ferry to Pictou, NS, but you need a few more dollars for that. Anyway, this all didn’t apply to us as we wouldn’t spend our last full day in the area at P.E.I.

Cape Jourimain

Confederation Bridge
Confederation Bridge

Driving to Cape Jourimain we arrived at the parking lot near the Nature Centre. The Centre itself was closed due to COVID-19 but we were heading for the beach anyway. The beach where low tide still allowed us to find a photography spot close to the first bridge pillar standing in the Northumberland Strait.

Walter and I went down to the beach, while Carlien stayed on the trail that runs above the beach. Not that she doesn’t like the beach, but climbing down the rocks isn’t really her idea of fun. Once at the beach we found several spots from where I could take pictures. Today I used both a wide angle lens (10-20mm) and my “goto” lens (24-105mm). As it was around 4 pm. the light was a bit too harsh for my liking. I might have to return some day using sunrise or sunset. For now, it was as it was.

The End

After the picture taking we found stairs leading to the trail where we reunited with Carlien. Done what we came to do it was time to start the car and follow the coastline toward L’aboiteau Beach where we had Fish ‘n Chips to deal with our appetites.

Having been able to do what we planned to do it was time to find our way back to our cabin where we’d spend our final night to conclude our last full day in Westmorland County.

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