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Our home away from home time

Like many people we have a few interesting years behind us. New adventures presented themselves together with their own unique challenges. Joys and disappointments followed each other from time to time. Then 2020 came with COVID19 and to keep a long story short: We thought it would be nice to get away for a week and find ourselves a home away from home.

Baie Verte

This so-called home away from home was found in Baie Verte, New Brunswick. On a small peninsula we were able to rent a nice little cabin for seven nights. A great place to serve as a base from where we can explore the area around us. We found the place on the internet searching the Vrbo website.

Baie Verte, NB itself can be found on the eastern edge of New Brunswick. If you don’t pay attention, while you drive through the hamlet, you might end up in The Baie Verte. The Bay is part of The Northumberland Strait which runs between Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Initial plan

At first we wanted to rent a travel trailer and tour Nova Scotia. Since we didn’t know if COVID restrictions would be lifted, we thought it wiser to stick to New Brunswick as our base. In order to be able to anticipate to changes to the regulations, we searched for a place from where we’d be able to plan day trips to locations in any of the three provinces. Baie Verte it was.

As you know, we do have a store and we can’t take that with us. Carlien asked Margie, our wonderful part-time co-worker, if she would be able and willing to look after the business while we would get our feet wet in the Baie Verte. She said “Yes” so we continued to plan our adventure. A few messages with the owners of the cabins and the payments were swiftly taken care of and finally we headed for our destination.

The trip begins

In the previous post you could read about the replacement of our family vehicle. This trip would be ideal to get used to the “new” car, starting with a two and a half drive to our cabin. I will spare you the details, but for those who really want to know, it went well.

Once on location, we were greeted by the owners of the cabin, Wade and Jacky. They live two cabins down the road, so in case of trouble we don’t have to go far. Wade and Jacky showed us the place and did some explaining about the place and the surroundings. Also, we learned that we could freely travel in Nova Scotia. This opened up a lot of options for our day trips.

The first day ending

Baie Verte

Destination is reached and the car unpacked. Time to start enjoying our time in this region. We decide to drive to Sackville, NB for groceries and a meal. The Foodland is a great place to do the shopping and once that’s done, the search for a meal begins.

We decide to stop at the first place we find, “Joeys”. Here they specialize in Italian food, and since we were planning for Fish ‘n Chips, it was the ideal place to be. Because we are people that stick to their initial plans, we ordered pizza and postponed our Fish ‘n Chips plans. The people at Joeys were friendly and the food was great. Good chance they will see us again.

The day is dawning and when we get back to our base camp a little walk is in order. Just in time to walk to the beach opposite of our cabin and enjoy the beauty of the sunset. We are blessed people and our first day home away from home is a fact in history.

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