Cabot Trail 2021

Just have to do it again

It can happen that you have plans to carry out. Weeks you have been looking forward to the event and once the day of execution arrives things go different than hoped for. Okay, you make a start, but eventually you conclude that you just have to do it again.

Pictures and Videos

Cabot Trail

As you might know, I like photography and in The Netherlands I liked videography. Well, I do like them both, but the past years I only focused on photography. Initially I spent my time mostly on aviation photography, but New Brunswick hasn’t much to offer in that category. The last years I did mainly landscapes with good results. If you like to see some of my work, click here and visit my website.

With the landscapes in mind I planned a trip to Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. I wanted to drive the Cabot Trail now the fall colours are showing themselves. In this case I wanted to do photography and pick up on my videography. It has been a while since I made a video production. It must have been 16 years at least as we were still in The Netherlands at that time. This occasion however seemed to be a great opportunity to pick up videography and to do it again.

Moment Supreme

The day arrived that I would leave for Cape Breton Island. All Covid forms were submitted and the gas tank was filled up. Ready to go! The weather in Fredericton was great, but the forecast for Cape Breton Island was less sunny. No problem though. Water does saturate the colours more and let’s face it: Most of the times there are these sunny moments in-between which create beautiful light.

A pleasant drive of six hours filled most of my day and I made it to Margaree Forks, NS. Here I would spend the night. Prior to my arrival I took a few cloudy images in Inverness, NS, so a start was made.

It was Tuesday evening now and the first rain started to come down. By the time I went to bed the rain poured down like it wouldn’t end. And that, dear reader, was exactly what happened. It didn’t end. Okay, maybe for five minutes or so, but that was it.

For my second day I wanted to drive half of the Cabot Trail, but because I was mostly watching a curtain of rain, I decided to drive around and stop in Baddeck, NS. I did take a few pictures, but nothing spectacular. So, when I made it to bed on Wednesday night, I thought: “I just have to do it again”.

Golden Lining

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
Peggy’s Cove

On Thursday I drove from Baddeck to Halifax. Our youngest son was flying from The Netherlands to Canada and I would pick him up at the airport.

As I arrived in Halifax early in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit another location that I had on my wish list: Peggy’s Cove, NS. Mostly known for its lighthouse Peggy’s Cove receives busloads of tourists. It always seems a miracle that most pictures of the lighthouse are free from people. However, that is just a matter of multiple images and a Photoshop subscription together with the skill to create the desired image. Luckily I have the combination of subscription and skill.

In the end I had at least one picture that I wanted to create for a long time with a sun that was shining. And the Cabot Trail? I just have to do it again.

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