it's a man's world

It’s a Man’s World.

For Father’s Day Cees was gifted a new barbecue. Cees always operated the BBQ in our married life. It’s a man’s world.

Immigrated to Canada we soon learned it is one of the more standard additions to the Canadian kitchen. Not only during the hot summer months it is used. Hamburgers from the grill taste just as good in January at minus 18C.

BBQ in another era

In The Netherlands, before 2005, the boxes that could be checked off for an official BBQ are for example: Special occasion or birthday, activity with guests, a weekend night and a special grocery list.

It was a social event.

In my head it also involved more ‘work’.

Done gladly but not too often please.

BBQ in another country

In Canada I observed the BBQ was used as a grilling machine.

Keeping the formula simple it can feed and please a crowd.

BBQs are fired up at church, school, camp and when we are invited for supper somewhere with the whole family. Hamburger or sausage, hotdogs with a bun, a salad and some flavourful condiments go a long way.

Cees is the meat lover in our pack and it did not take long before he purchased the first BBQ beast.

And it has been his responsibility ever since. It’s a man’s world.

The saying is ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’. I find it interesting to observe that I need sometimes a lot of time before I can adopt a new way of doing things.

Even while I saw how easy it is to organize a meal, I still treated the BBQ as a foreign object: big and heavy, you need to ‘burn’ it clean (don’t you need soap and water to clean things?) a gas cylinder you need to control (does it explode on me?)

So it was Cees’ BBQ. It’s a man’s world.

BBQ in another house

Carlien and the Weber
Weber and me

We downsized a lot in Spring 2020. When I say a lot I mean A LOT! From a full house for a family of six to a two bedroom apartment with a spacious deck accordingly to the size of our dwelling. Many items found another home, the beastly BBQ as well.

Now and then it appeared in conversations; hamburgers and steaks changed into the cucumbers and onions of Egypt…

So the children gifted dad an appropriate sized BBQ for the apartment: a Weber table top.

What a sweet grill this is – it came in a box, almost fully assembled. Nothing like the IKEA projects you acquire when buying a big one.

Put it on the outside coffee table, sit beside it and see it grill and hear it sizzle!

Whose BBQ?

I do not know if it is its appearance, the need to be more outside after a day at the store or trying to keep the apartment cool on a hot summer day but I have a total different relationship with this Weber. It feels like it wants to work with me, a friendly cooperation.

This season I grill meat, vegetables and make pizza for supper.

Potatoes in the air fryer – our three person household is enjoying it.

New relationships can bring out jealousy.

I double check with Cees, just to be sure that he is OK with me enjoying his Weber so much.

The short answer is: “As long as we share the food I can live with it”. So we BBQ happily ever after..

3 thoughts on “It’s a Man’s World.”

  1. Love it, can’t wait till we can join you all fir a BBQ!!! Miss you and pray for helps of blessings on you from our Great God!
    Love ..The Jonkers’

  2. Glad you enjoy it, it looks tasty and more manageable for sure! And you look so classy in your outfit and nice hairdo! Here I’d rather keep it a man’s world. All food prepped outside has better flavor somehow. Salmon grilled on charcoal is the best, so juicy!

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