Fundy Coast

Another beautiful day trip to enjoy

Since we’d been exploring the Nothumberland Strait shore and visited Truro, we had to look for another beautiful day trip in non-explored territory. We used our phones and iPads to find inspiration. After a short while we decided we would aim for the Bay of Fundy. Our first town to visit would be Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

Bay of Fundy

Our day route

The Bay of Fundy, located between the provinces Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, is known for its high tides and whales. If that’s not enough, there are beautiful beaches and towns to visit. In both provinces you find beautiful trails and tourist destinations. One of those destinations is Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. However, today we’ll be in Nova Scotia where we head for Parssboro, our first stop during another beautiful day trip.

Driving from Baie Verte, NB to Parrsboro, NS, we cruise through a beautiful rolling landscape with lots of trees and villages. After a bit more than one hour we arrive in Parrsboro, NS. I stop to get gas and in the meantime Carlien looks for a place to eat. After that is done, we first have a look at one of the beaches before we go to “Harbour View” restaurant where we order clam chowder and fish & chips. Another thing you will find around the Bay of Fundy: Seafood restaurants.

Cape d’ Or

Cape d'Or
Cape d’Or

With a full gas tank and stomach we continue our drive towards Advocate Harbour. Going in western direction we follow the coastline along the bay. Experiencing many ups and downs in the landscape, but our Subaru takes us comfortably over the pavement. The beautiful landscape is showing itself at its best in the sunshine and we do pass several houses that we wouldn’t mind to buy as a retirement place. But, retirement isn’t an option yet so we continue our program.

Before we get to Advocate Harbour, we take a detour to visit the real reason of our drive here: Cape d’ Or. In order to reach this place, we have to exchange the comfortable asphalt road for a red dirt road with fresh gravel. Slow driving is necessary, but again our Subaru comfortably takes us to our destination. Cape d’ Or is a beautiful spot to take pictures. Knowing that many photographers were here before us, I still want to have pictures I took myself.

Cape d’ Or is a beautiful spot with a lighthouse and rocks. This combination, together with the ocean makes a nice photography opportunity. In order to get to the lighthouse, you need to park your vehicle at the parking lot on top of the hill and walk down to the lighthouse. I do think the best spot for photography is halfway down. We were there in day light and I wouldn’t mind to return sometime and take night pictures while the lighthouse is doing its guiding work.


Pictures taken and muscles stretched, it’s time to start the car and continue the rest of our route. First we pass Advocate Harbour and we decide to slowly continue to our cabin for supper and evening program.

The remainder of the trip takes us to New Salem, Ragged Reef and Joggins Fossil Cliffs. At the cliffs’ location we find a large empty parking lot and the entry to the cliffs is closed. Gives us something to visit for a next time. Leaving Joggins we find our way to Amherst, where we take the Trans Canada Highway to Aulac, NB. From there it is just another 15 minutes to our cabin in Baie Verte.

We’ve driven a respectable amount of kilometers and visited several new places. With our meal from the barbecue we look back at a day where we enjoyed another beautiful day trip and each other’s company.

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  1. Leuk allemaal! Wist niet dat jullie ook een Subaru rijden. Wat is de temperatuur van het water daar? Te koud om te zwemmen?

    1. Voor de temperatuur zouden we even moeten zoeken. We hebben zelf niet gezwommen, maar er waren genoeg anderen die het water opzochten.

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