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Welcome to our life! Living in Canada since 2005, we as a family have so far covered three provinces as our place of residence and traveled the majority of the other seven southern provinces. Never a dull moment for sure.

After a military career in The Netherlands the question “Is there a life beyond the army?” came to mind. I, Cees, was reading an article in a travel magazine about a couple traveling through Western Canada. In that article it was mentioned that a campground owner tried to sell his property to the “so-called” rich European people. When I was done reading the article. the earlier mentioned question about life beyond the army kept coming back, followed by the question: “What would be the place to live that life?”

After a lot of research, looking at countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, England, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, we kept our focus on Canada for a variety of reasons that I might explain in one of the future blogs. One of those reasons however was the ability to do whatever you liked to do. I mean this labour wise.

We started our immigration procedure in mid 2004 and were approved in fall 2005. The actual move took place on October 26, 2005, leaving The Netherlands for our assumed cozy spot in Saskatchewan, Canada. A lot has happened since that day. Good experiences and bad ones. Still, looking back, we believe we made a good choice.

After four moves during the past years we currently reside in the province of New Brunswick and it is from here that we feed you with our blogs. Mostly they will give you insight into our current situation, but as I said earlier, we might go back in history from time to time and give you that way a bit more understanding of what happened to us in the time from 2005 to where we are now.

Just click the button below and you will end up on the blog page. We wish you a lot of reading fun and are looking forward to your comments and/or questions. Are you curious about a certain topic? Send us a message via the contact form and you might trigger us to write a blog item on the subject. Warm regards,

Cees & Carlien

"Never A Dull Moment"

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